About Empathy Nation

EMPATHY NATION is a mobile app based streaming e-learning and e-publication service and a community organization in internet-connected devices that offers a wide variety of reading (e-Books, Magazine) and learning (Online Courses) experiences with many professional opportunities (project assignments, jobs, internships, volunteering, fellowship, scholarship etc.) for anyone to get an empathy life and career.

Empathy Nation offers best quality digital reading and learning experience in mobile application platform. It offers best e-books written by best writers and best online courses that are conducted by the very best in the industries with huge experience and great achievements. We wish to become a community where everyone gets the opportunity to become a lifelong learner, an active explorer of empathy and a good human being.

Empathy Nation promotes e-learning and e-book publishing through many for-profit and non-profit initiatives. Also, it publishes e-books and online learning courses in native language developed by the best native writers/instructors/mentors in the following sectors:

  • Arts & Media,
  • Science & Technology,
  • Leadership & Empowerment,
  • Life & Environment,
  • Governance & Justice,
  • Entrepreneurship & Economics,
  • Education & Relationships
Empathy Nation intends to serve students, readers, passionate learners ranging from absolute beginners to experienced professionals where one will become lifelong learner and a lifelong reader through this platform and explore and practice Empathy by contributing and supporting our humanitarian empathy projects and activities. It proudly acknowledge its stakeholders as an ‘Empathy Citizen’ and we believe to grow as a community nation without borders to serve this earth and its beings overall.