A Letter of Hope to a Friend

Dear Friend,
Empathy is an ability where you see and feel the world and everything in it, completely from someone else’s perspective. more You can have many opinions and actions when you are ‘you’ and selfish but if you are someone else and become completely selfless, in that case your opinions and actions will differ.

How can we truly be for others if we don’t truly feel for others?

We believe, our all earthly problems lie with our indifference to this ‘Empathy’ ideology. Think about it. We see so many hate and torture. How can you hate or torture anyone, if you have that ability to feel that person’s pain.

We, Empathy Nation are a country with no land, no politics, and no tax; literally we have nothing but the honest pursuit of this simple ideology, ‘empathy’. Our citizens are those who are a lifelong learner and a lifelong reader and in life and in every decision making, they truly explore and empower empathy.

Now, in our Nation, we offer education materials, books and online courses, professional opportunities to our willing citizen members, in the following seven divisions:

  • Arts & Media,
  • Science & Technology,
  • Leadership & Empowerment,
  • Life & Environment,
  • Governance & Justice,
  • Entrepreneurship & Economics,
  • Education & Relationships.
Dear friend, we cherish a hope. A hope of a peaceful world, where everyone is an Active Citizen of Empathy Nation with an honest sense of responsibility to truly explore and empower empathy.

We need you. Visit our website and mobile platform. Become our citizen. Get actively involved. Let us know your thoughts, ideas, struggles, stories of actions and initiatives regarding this ideology. Together we can bring change, build a selfless world of Empathy.

Reach out to us: empathynationltd@gmail.com

In Empathy,
Empathy Nation